Steffen Mössner

Also known as

Doc, Docm, Doctopus, Lt. Cool, The Doctor or Doktor


Personal LifeEdit

Steffen Mössner is a retired professional german basketballer. After he retired, he made youtube videos full-time. Steffen (Docm) lives in the city of Karlsruhe in Germany as seen on this video.


Docm mostly makes Minecraft videos in the Mindcrack server. He is the co-creator of the group of him and AnderZel called Team DnA. His regularly uploaded series at the moment is NBA 2k 15, Minecraft World Tour, Besiege, and Minecraft mini-games.


Doc is well known for making very efficient farms for survival. Him and some ZipKrowd server members also make Minecraft Snapshot videos which gives you a video form of the changelist in the snapshot. Doc also has a Single Player world called The Minecraft World Tour, where he shows you his new inventions.


Doc was invited to the Mindcrack server by Guude as the same time as Etho after competing in the second race for the wool race. He also has a lot of farms in the server which makes it lag. Doc's main business in the server is his DocShop (which is also the name of his spreadshirt) which has a farely cheap price of materials that is hard to find in the server. Doc brings "german efficiency" in the server.