Also known as

Bdubs, Bubbles, Boo, BdoubleOO


Personal Life[edit | edit source]

John AKA BdoubleO, lives in Michigan. He has a wife named Nicole, and a daughter named Ariana. Before his Youtube channel was created, John was previously a subcontractor by trade. Rumor has it that BdoubleO100 secretly time travels and fights the evil monsters throughout history.

Youtube[edit | edit source]

He loves basketball as he made a NBA 2K series and a competition between the retired german basketball player DocM77 in Minecon 2013. He and GenerikB have a group called the B-Team. They cause mischief in the Mindcrack server as they are the "Mafia". He also has two finished SimCity series and one finished SimCity Cities of Tomorrow series, but he did say that he's going to start a second season "soon".

Minecraft[edit | edit source]

BdoubleO100 started playing Minecraft in his series Building with BdoubleO. The famous "Hey guys, John here." quote was started in the first ever episode of the series. BdoubleO joined the Mindcrack server in the 3rd season from an invitation from Guude. He is also co-hosting a series made by Keralis called The Inspiration Series where they look at amazing builds in the World of Keralis server.

Mindcrack[edit | edit source]

He and GenerikB are the Bad guys on the server, they "flim flam" other server members to give them emeralds. BdoubleO made the Nether Hub with Etho in Season 4 which got under appriciated because of moving to the 1.7 biomes. BdoubleO and Etho also built an arena together were two teams faces each other in an ice vs fire map. He is well known for building trees.

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